iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl has everyone died?

the today list only has 3 items on it!
what's going on?!!
(_) yeah. maybe everyone went on vacation? it was fine a couple of days ago . . . 051002
Piso Mojado sunday_morning is usually pretty quiet 051002
() (i rarely blathe on sunday, but i do check in) 051002
Lemon_Soda yay. it is. 051002
peyton makes me happier
gives the illusion someone might be listening
a trendy blather makes me sad
sorry to be trite :(
IGG it was odd
like walking into a school on a monday morning
and seeing a few random sheets on the floor,
maybe an echo of heeled shoes around the corner.

didn't seem real.
anyways, at least some of you are still alive right?
and yes blather is sometimes better when it's quieter, but last night it just seemed awkward, an uncomfortable silence, or maybe just a lack of enthusiasm.

feels changed as a person recently.
unhinged if i want a quiet place, i go to red. blue is my place to reach out. but i feel like i'm saying the same thing i've been saying for years lately. so i feel that maybe it's better if i just remain quiet. 051003
meta meta 051214
Officer Graham "than" when I left 051214
bsc Thanks officer! I was just going to say the exact same thing. Guess I'm not needed around here anymore. Plus, I don't have a fancy shmancy title like "officer" or anything. 051214
ivyducktwilightseto yeah dunno what's happening with all these short list days.
And unhinged, your message might always sound the same to you, but I find it beautiful and different almost every time :)
what's it to you?
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