toe beads are the tears
happy sad beans
candace memories strung on line to be remembered, hung on my neck as marks of past events that serve to affect my future. 000630
barnaclebill I bent her over and popped them in
one by one and it made me grin
then I prodded and poked her
til she came with a gasp
as I pulled them quite quickly
back out of her ass
Barrett Bill, How did I know you were going to mention anal beads? 001025
barnaclebill Why
How'd you know That I'm The Back Door Man
tourist It's because you're so BANAL bill,
Beads+ANAL=BANAL get it? har har har
Thyartshallshant Well, i didnt think it'd be bill, but i knew someone would. And if nobody had, i would of. 001230
Rhin has anyone else here ever tried them? (anal beads that is) i'm just curious. ...and what type of beads are they? plastic? ...and if so, what if the paint chips off after excessive use? wouldn't sterling silver or something to that effect be better? do they even make them in metal? how long are they? what sizes do they come in? are they difficult to clean? is there a safe amount of length to insert, or are they made to be safe? are they specifically reserved for females, or do guys like them as well? when is the point of withdrawal? during orgasm? just before? are they stimulating enough to cause orgasm? i can't believe i'm posting my name to this, but hey! curiosity killed the cat, and i want to know! besides, the idea of them really turns me on. i already know that i'm somewhat kinky, but does this make me sickly perverted as well? 021206
Rhin i'm sitting here trying extremely hard not to be embarrassed or disgusted at myself for posting my questions and thoughts (above), and it's not working. ::sigh:: oh well... 021206
idol of indulgences some are made of polished metals, some are made of solid, molded plastic and unpainted, they are solid except for the hole bored in them to link them on their cord, they vary in size from being the size of peas to bigger sizes depending on the capacity of the recipient, but i've never seen any that were too much bigger than cherry tomatoes 021206
tourist The story was told to me ofby an old aquaintace, of his encounter with a Whore in Panama. While Making the Transaction she had been stuffing a String of Pearls up my Freinds backside and at the moment He Ejaculated She Yanked them back out. "It was like a Covey of Quail Exploded out of My Ass!"
was his take on the event.
This is possibly the point of the song Pearl Necklace by ZZ Top
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