st@rk r@ven m@d September 24, 1998

Mesa Amphitheatre
the smell of clove smoke and everyone in deep colours in the warm evening sitting on the grass

her hand in mine as we stood up as the lights went down and the smoke came on and the music began...daniel david and kevin playing in the dark waiting for peter...

the head on the tv screen in the middle of the stage in black and white, the background movement as he made his way to the stage, camera following

an hour and a half of guitars and black velvet noise ringing through the desert

the happy look on her face as they launched into their cover of "the passenger" and the collective orgasm of the crowd as the first riff of "the ballad of ziggy stardust" ... the last song of the last encore

best damn show i ever saw
gregg ahhh, so you attended the resurrection tour as was definitely an amazing show. pressed up against all those other hot bodies, all of us focussed on the music, swaying and jumping and pulsing together...shortly after the show i had the honor of meeting David J and Kevin Haskins. Peter Murphy and Daniel Ash sneaked out of the front and into a car... 000607
blackbird heh.

a rosegarden funeral of sores
the shouting crowd I always thought it was architecture. 011015
sanity assassin birdmad the group took their name from a german design school
most famous between the end of the mid 20's and up to WWII (i think) for their modernist, minimalist creations

bauhaus design encompassed everything from architecture to furniture and appliances as well
guitar was the case Actually, I knew that. I was just kidding. But, thank you all the same. 011016
third birdmad whoops, dopey me 011016
birdmad she's in parties

( i'm just a fall guy tumbling on the cutting room floor )
wingedSerpent one more set of discs to file away until i can disassociate this sensation from those songs 041210
xle i'm certainly not rolling my eyes. nope, not me. 041225
eil otdroffat'nacuoydnaesimorpasireveN 050420
i sing of you in my demented songs 050420
foryou and your stimulations 050421
what's it to you?
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