k1 My sweetie is good with a rhyme,
And he'd eat, if he got paid on time.
He's poor as a mouse,
but I will not grouse,
'Cuz I'm so damn happy he's mine.

And ooh girl, his steak sho' is fine!
k2 Every thought every hour every day
If I don't get her soon what dismay
She lives in a city
Where the traffic is shitty
What bright horizon Californ aye ay
pralines&cream ...I always ask for it at steak places. Steak, a baked potato, and A1 ... what a content little girl i be. 020109
Shag Wylie I got's dat beef from Nantucket
Sheathed like corn, you can shuck it
The steakiest of beef
And no kernels in yo teef
So thick and juicy I caint tuck it
Snowball Jackson "I'm afraid there's not much call for redneck porn these days, Mr. Wiley." She rolled a pencil disinterestedly between her fingers. "Haven't you heard? The south is out. Everyone's going west coast." 020111
Shag Wylie Yo baby dis beef got the salty flavah coast to coast. Ain't no borders gonna be stoppin dis lovin from gittin through. So quit twirlin those pencils between those lovely fingers of yours snowball (if that is your real name) and get a firm grip around da bottle of spice I know you love so much 020111
Snowball Jackson Shag Wiley you magnificent bastard, I find your roughneck vulgarity to be irresistable. You have charmed me into submission with your brusque and untamed manner.

I must have you. Tell me you'll meet with me. I'll travel any distance. I'll clear my schedule, and I can be across the country and in your bed by midnight next Thursday, just say the word.

Tell me you want it as much as I do, you atrocious god, you.
Shag Wylie Uh yeah, could you bring some whiskey with you? 020112
Snowball Jackson Shag Wylie
Smooth and sexy,
Makes my toes wiggle just to think about the way his lips feel on my neck.
Whiskey or no,
I'm drunk from the pleasure
when his fingertips brush
-- so gently --
across my nipples.
Damn, baby.
Emptyness Alive a1 is road in england 061121
what's it to you?
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