silentbob i found out on my birthday once that i was born the same year John_Belushi died. that made me feel kinda bad. 000609
damdrib damn.

make me feel old already.

i was ten.
i remember being really bummed about the news about John Belushi.

i was 5 when Elvis died
and eight when John Lennon was shot

most kids my age knew nothing about any of them when they died

but i knew what the world had lost each time, because i had lost it too
Silent Bob It really hurt me when Chris Farrely died. But it broke my heart when Phil Hartman was murdered by his jealous wife. And on the MTV movie awards his old SNL buddies didn't leave her name out of their thank you's and i thought that was really nice that even though she had killed him and herself, that didn't make them stop liking her as their friend. It wasn't until they said it was dedicated to both of them that i stopped hating her for what she did.
well i don't know so much about HATING her, i didn't HATE some lady i only heard about after she killed him and herself. but i think i forgave her after that.
daxle I remember hearing the news of kurt cobain's death
"dhu dhu dhu dhu dhooo mtv news, you hear it first"
kurt loder, so smug, so false
me, 7th grade, pre-dad's-death
totally incomprehendible to my small mind whose biggest concern was not being able to by clothes from the junior department
I wrote about it in my journal
I make me laugh
User24 I was precisely 0 years old on December 16, 1982. That time 18 years later, I was 18, in fact my life seems inextricably interconnected with taht date, not only was I born then, but it's my birthday as well. 010609
mon uow my earliest memories seem to surface, vaguely, june 1982.

i turned two that august, so in june 1982 i would've been about 1 year and 10 months old i guess.
mon uow it's crazy to me to think
i can remember anything from 1982.
what's it to you?
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