Quintessensual Joeism?
Oh, go blow hism!
Unless it's jo eism.
Then please don't frice'm,
and, my lord, don't slice'm.
me? principle deity is binky, but the one i find most amusing is bill, 'lord of traffic signals'. when he is happy with you, his image glows a cheery green and you may cross the street. you can keep him happy by touching his image with your hand and yelling 'hail bill!', or thinking good thoughts (usually nothing along the lines of "i'm really really late and i need to hurry". bill likes to remind you that time is irrelevant and that what you see as important is really not very important at all). also, you must not snub bill, and if he shows you that he is pleased with you, you better cross the damn road. a snubbed bill is an invitation for an accident... 991124
jennifer my friend, joe, appropriately titles all his words as "joeisms"
and rightly so
for his is a dying breed comprised mainly of those who speak intillegently and converse stupidly
his dialect and posture are not that of american or canadian or any other "an" I can think of at the moment... and he is a truly unique soul
amy a truth discovered in a cafe, over coffee? what if we drink tea, instead? a leafism? an herbism?

that would have happened months ago, if it weren't for ld. (drinking tea at a cafe, that is.)
joe so, how do you come by
a word that means something to us
but nothing to you
and only exists
because my friends
are shitheads?
silentbob Joe lies
joe lies
joe lies
when he cries
he likes girls
with names like ashley
that'll never be me, that'll never be me, that'll never be me no
no never ever ever don't even think it!
mortis joecartoon 011005
... jo-izem.

1. a triviality, loaded with exciting (if true) details, until it is, like, more than true. 150 per cent true.

2. an outlandish tale, involving people you know, that just might be true, but none of them are here right now to confirm it.

3. like a darwin award, but nobody gets killed.

most folks prefer the joeism version of their own lives to the plain truth.
what's it to you?
who go