jennifer Moltar: Well, what can we do? Nature must run its course. Plus, he took the Phantom Cruiser.

Space Ghost: But, this means certain death for Zorak!

Moltar: I know. Uh, can I have his dressing room?

Space Ghost: How can you think of dressing rooms at a time like this? (choir music swells) I time of
great sadness. Oh, Zorak, we hardly knew ye! Yes, you were pure evil, but I learned to see the
good in that. I'll miss you, my little friend who used to try and kill me. But, rest assured, you will not
be forgotten! I'll always remember that vile, near-poisonous gas you would emit when you were
happy. And I'll never forget lunching with you in the commissary, watching you eat ten raw chickens
and drink toner from the copy machine. You loved that toner. I know! We'll have a parade! (music
changes to marching band music) We'll declare a national holiday on the Ghost Planet! With
wonderful floats and big balloons, and we'll all drink fizzy lemonade, and eat neopolitan ice cream!
We'll celebrate the moments of your life, Zorak! You shall not have died in vain!
Silent Bob impersonate me!!


With all the devouring going on, is it any wonder I'm evil?


Where's my left fielder? Oh her? SHE got devoured!


But I had a plan. I had someone to watch over me. His name was Klovar. We looked out for each other. Buddies! YEAH! but then one day..i..forgot my lunch and..well...that was the end of Klovar.
silent bob i want to devour myself 000614
Thyartshallshant Devouring ones self sounds pretty tempting right about now. 001230
misstree I used to run, once... Ol' Running Zorak, that's what they called me... then, one day, WHAM! Bunion. So I decided to take over the universe. BUA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!! 001231
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