Shar What a waste of time.

The wrestling organization, I mean, not the World Wildlife Fund.
el chorizon just imagine your favourite soap opera, but with people ocasionally being put through tables. 000427
Kami Khazay she always gets pissed that i watch the good shit on monday nights. but i ask her again and again, how can you expect me to give up something that was apart of me before you?

think about it, this is one of the things that makes me me. if i was to stop, then why would you still want me around? if i was willing to change to fit your mold, then i wouldn't be the fucker that you enjoyed in the first place.

don't try to remix me lady, i'm not in the mood for your passive aggression. i'm a radical at times, i don't enjoy such degenerative thought patterns from you. maybe your t&a is nice, but sometimes your head is quite cheesy. what i need is a headbanger, like the good ol' days. understand that a relationship is a corporation, not a ministry, their can only be one ceo, one leader, one paul bearer, one undertaker. i'll put your ass under a stone cold rock before i decide to stop my viewing habits.

b'lee dat beeyotch!
Uriah Worthless, mind raping crap.
With no soul or any kind of
substance with which to
elevate or inspire.
Leveling the young minds
of our country to nothing but
plastic neo-iconoclastic,
materialistic, apathetic,
overly violent as well as being
stupid and ignorant to
what it is they actually possess.
Why choose to try for a goal
when you'd rather seel your soul.
andy t. an F became an E and no more Pandas were confused. I know it was crystal clear for me now. 030711
silentbob i don't like soap operas either 030711
stork daddy emo 030723
what's it to you?
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