fairydust dough stuck in the cracks of my fingertips
can't function
and the phone is hot
i see it red,
in someone else's hands
and your voice steaming from the tips of my fingers
plants wilting on the doorstep
the air has been invaded by moisture,
hugging every atom
and i can't see you coming
but i can feel the heat.
mister mourning like tropical plants in the sahara 011009
yenaldlosi the tender shoots wither from the winter frost 021125
me everytime i think of her i feel like my soul is wilting. i loose all feeling because she is gone. my sould slowly wilts away untill i can stand it anymore...i know that kara will never come back...we havent figures out hw to revive the dead...i hope that in the furure i will be able to see her again 021127
phil Does melancholy purchance ever have mercy after time to teach some tempt villain his vulgar haste hath put pretty poison through thee. 040718
In_Bloom Wilting, okay sure
I'll relax and accept it for awhile
Better than melting
Melting would imply a loss and I haven't lost anything
You lost something
f when will you water me ? 080806
zeke and we slide over loose mossy rocks down steep drip smell of radio frequency daylight swimmer of lasting wind wave scatter to outside ferns in graceless chaos towards undertow vortex down a small place is open and waiting under soft light ripple make sand bottom settle and stops 080806
unhinged sweltering

(but not really anymore)

i am tired of listening to sad songs for company
what's it to you?
who go