i was snuggled deep into my down. i was beyond the initial cool of the sheets and into the warmth that breeds sleep. ...but i can't sleep.
devalis to walk
in sleep all day
is better than
and waking
still dreaming
of being
with you
bird geldof it's an agreeable town
serene and sedate

why, even the burglars
are off the streets
by eight
silentbob twisting and turning in my bed, all i could think about was you, imagining you were with me as the clock kept moving, and then without realizing the time my alarm went off and beating it to death was my carnal reflex. 021002
gay gizmo tired all day. wishing there was a bed nearby. night falls and the bed calls. I go to it. wondering if I will sleep tonight. my body lays there, exhausted from being tired all day. but mind will not let up. thoughts run thourgh my head. thoughts of nothing. keeping me staring at the speckled cieling. listening to the drunks and bums outside has become my lulabye 021002
DavesHeroinGirl Something I've done with only three people over a lifetime. None of which will ever be completely out of my system. 030221
Lilac finally just took some cough syrup and went to sleep. 030221
andru235 "that's the last time *i* take viagra!" 051129
nom painting and not painting 051130
flowerock. With emotional_cramps
Must mean my uterus is about to shed.
I think it has bad dreams
When it remembers itself
The memories don't shed with the lining
And they're still a bit unsettled
Casting moon shadows
what's it to you?
who go