little wonder all decisions are not life or death.

i can change my mind, and while i know this i can't fully accept it as the truth.

i don't get as excited about anything else. if someone shows genuine interest in talking to me about it, i could go on for hours. it seems like common sense, then, to just do it.

but i am absolutely terrified. terrified of failing, terrified of being too broke, terrified of not being good enough, terrified of being stuck in an area i don't really want to live in the first place. terrified of wasting time. wasting life.

that's why this is so hard for me. i am scared shitless. and that's why i can't make a decision.
Lemon_Soda Which is ironic, because you'd be wasting life RIGHT NOW. 080307
asher perhaps more frightening that the inability to decide, is the impending promise of stasis, should you neglect to do so.

I'd like to say things get better, but really, they just change. Different decisions, different outcomes, different consequences, different rewards. Adapting to these changes is easier when one's feet aren't rooted to the ground, though. Very few decisions are life or death and once you get past that initial dread of failure (whether under your own steam or through the fulfillment of actually failing) it's easier to decide. A comforting fact is that, more often than not, a wrong decision is easily righted.

Not everything in life has to happen all at once. A choice you regret making now can, most likely, be righted down the line. Life is longer than most people think and it doesn't happen to those who stand still. It can be scary, but often it's the adreneline of fear that fuels life's greatest choices and creates startling successes.
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