oren What the socks are doing quietly at the back of the drawer.

See why_i_write_at_blather.
unhinged my sounds fell to my ears and i sounded strangely like the baby which only made me squeeze my eyes shut tighter so press the tears out.

ever dumbening a rarity for me, which occurs only when in the presence of unerring trust 020112
Grievance all of my reserve couldn't hold back the torrents caused by your humanity 020112
kelli crane very few people know what to do when i do this.

are your socks really sobbing?
that makes me sad.
put them in the front of the drawer.
awe hell, put them on top of the dresser!
Glory Box begets sobbing, multiplying in the half-light clutching soggy tissue and sad for myself. 030812
burden is like an infestation of snakes strangling your pancreas while God smiles and she turns away 040305
shroud i can't think of reason to, a reason that makes sense, but i want to, i really need to, but i can't. too many people know nothing, and i am one of them. i am frustrated, when maybe i need to be just a little brave. i am sad and lonely, being blind, when i put my hands over my eyes to keep the tears in.

i wish i could see you there. but you're not. i wish i could hear your voice again, but i can't think of a reason to ask a question. i am obsessed, and trying not to be, really trying, it's not working.

i need to find something in common. i think you're holding out your hand to me, but i have to hold on to the edge.

maybe i'm just standing still while you walk in your direction. maybe i could turn my head and smile, and you'd smile back.

you would, right?

maybe i just should grow up too much to feel this way. it's childish, it isn't right. it's all so wrong in my head, but out there there is nothing wrong at all. for me it's all right only when i can think of you. otherwise there just isn't enough reason to breathe.
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