old hick Sloth enters the room.
Manatee is lying on the bed.
Soft music plays in the background.
They are in for the longest night of their lives.
sabbie who am i
to fight the universe.

lie back and accept, i say.
Whitechocolatewalrus I am not sloth, I cannot accept the invitation.
You are not sloth, you cannot invite.
What were you thinking?
She doesn't like sloth and your mouth is bubbling.
Brush your teeth.
I exile you to the deserted island for the rest of your pathetic apple.
I would eat your apple except that you secretly poisoned it to prevent eat-age.
I despise your ways.
Why did you put clouds in a cage?
The stars feel lonely in the night.
You will not escape.
Sloth is coming.
Sloth is coming!
Don't drool, it's not nice and Sloth is mine.
I invite myself because shoes are comfy.
Go to sleep,
I'll see you in a never.
. golden_apple 031124
W.C. Babble babble babble goes the brook of the mind rapid random and remote as the will to sleep drives him farther and farther from his vigil. Sleep sleep sleep sleep and wake in the mourn that his stature is revoked and his rank away been torn. Eyes open and burning waiting for relief with a gentle yawn cuckooing against his headwall. Rest, oh rest the shoulder aches and pains and the eyes and the veins. But lay against a cool cool floor and because you have been away they will never suspect you are there. So long as you can be found when you are needed. Sleep oh rest oh dear and tender body for the anguish you believe you cannot handle. You are soft and pillowing more every day until once you truly believe that your world is harsh and cruel, then shall winds alter your course and you will find what pain is lest you fall in the first moments of agony because of your sweet delicious form. 070120
Ouroboros sluggish. unproductive. clothes on the floor, bed unmade, dishes dirty in the sink. Running clothes on but not out the door. etc. 11am. 080331
Ouroboros no energy without coffee 080331
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