hsg awakens my dreams to me 040721
angelphobia did anyone see that movie where dennis quaid went into people's dreams? 040721
Deomis Wasn't that Dreamscape? 040721
nonlucid sleep is for the weak... I sit in front of my computer, eyes glowing red... I will not succumb 040721
tessa What are the symtoms of chronic sleep deprivation?

I need to know if there is a name for this
Doar hmm...insomnia maybe? 040722
BSC "symptoms" 040722
daxle 2 hours
not even two solid hours
but i'm doing ok
somebody 5 hours sleep in the last 5 days. 4% of my time. 050408
hsg total SD is way different than consistent nights of little sleep 050725
z today. and tomorrow. 050725
sab my dreams keep me awake
his tired and cracked voice echoes in my head
and how can that be fair?
misstree it's a detached disaster while the ice burns.
yet another reason to be very sparing.
falling_alone wonderful days
hear my sarcasm.
a two hour nap to pour some sense into my head to fufill another sleepless night
3 nights running.
today i saw the floor move, while always i drift in and out of blackness.
eyes pinch shut, tears form, not from sadness, but bright light or lack off taunting me saying off you go.
endless babble i am not alone, i saw her napping sprawled over lounge furniture
tv blaring content for a few moments
these fellows i will claim my own in a coming year, we share the night,
the headaches, the work we will endure.
most likely we will end up sharing tempers
as sleepless nights will go on.
stork daddy 3 hours a day for the last two weeks. but my eyes aren't bleeding like i think they should. 060503
the incredible shrinking birdmad The_machinist 060504
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