Damian I [wonder] if they've gotten it all [confused] and I'm supposed to be the one crocheting and knitting itchy [rainbow] blankets and [cooking] instead of trying to pretend I can figure out these [black] and [white]


When secretly
I hate chess
allaboutme I love secretly. I love in secret, because I know that I cannot be the kind of lover people think I can be. I am possessive and jealous, and I want someone to swoop down and take me like an 1850's novel, despite my independence. 001223
black-dyed gel product Secretly, I hope a girl I love uses blather, and I pray that she can figure out it's me. Because I love her, and I can't stand not knowing what she thinks. So I post, hoping that she'll reply, and tell me how she feels. 010610
ditto cha binkst est crabula mina centranuary,
ill est mina fretanstua,
be mine.
be santna estuana 4 me baby.
supersonic paranoid schizophrenic It's all energy.
And giving.
And receiving.
oren Secretly.

Yep, it was during the early 70s when it happened. And boy did it happen secretly! The average consumer never noticed that so many breakfast cereals were changing their names.

"Sugar Frosted Flakes" became "Frosted Flakes of Corn."

"Sugar Pops" became "Corn Pops."

"Super Sugar Crisp" became "Super Golden Crisp."

It was so smooth. So slick. Not an ounce of sugar was removed from the ingredients, of course. But, oh how a name can carry a sense of healthiness!

All new cereals created since the Great Vanishing Sugar Era have somehow kept that "horrible" word out of their names.

I'm waiting for one of the big companies to finally end their ban on the word "sugar" and once again embrace its wondrous flavor-enhancing abilities.

How about "Sugar Blasts" or "Sugar Sweeties?"

acidshank secretley, i wish the person i loved used this. so many posts are about him. i wonder if he will ever know? its funny how someone cannot know about how someone else feels and what they say. i cant imagine if he did know. 041123
marqueeGuess who!/marquee I find this all rather entertaining. 060611
Emptyness Alive if people i know read this i dont think they'll guess who i am. no one ever will. Im different here.
im quiet here
i dont gather people here
here i right
here i stay
here i am
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