andrea My mother cares for those in need (and sometimes donít know it) seeks to help them out. Yet at times when nerves are close to the surface, she is quick to bite back and become extremely and sometimes irrationally angry.

I, too do that. Provide for those who donít always need, want my assistance. Defend myself even before the attack.

But, my father tends to be aloof, hovering over my life. I think heís afraid of getting too close, knowing me too well, of loving me, his first-born, the daughterís he barely ever seen at all.

I see this in myself. Let only so much get attached before I slam on the brakes and end the personal commitment.

As a young adult, I swore I didnít want to be like either one of them, couldnít see myself doing those things, struggled to remain my own entity. But, it seems unavoidable, no matter what I do.

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marina the next time I see anotherpoor girl walking down the fucking street with old married men honking their horns at her be'cos she bears a striking resemblance to the teenage babysitter they really want to fuck I think I will sit down in the middle of the street and cry. 000508
MollyGoLightly I bore a resemblance to his sister, though she is blond and I have "a better chest" (according to my mother--whatever the hell that means).

He had a bit of a crush on me. Not reciprocated. The last time I saw him he was wearing hospital scrubs and had three beers in his hands.
indie.chickadee My crush looks like Doug Robb from Hoobastank, except with shorter hair. And my mom once said I looked like Julia Roberts, in which I cannot see any resemblance whatsoever... 020509
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