trin that everything will be alright
that everything will turn out just fine
that i can have you in the end
Ghost363 deep man 020729
radioactive talking parrot promise me that you'll never break a promise 020729
ekr that you'll never break someone's heart over the internet.

(i am so tired of this.)
shivers that ull be there when i need u most 031113
Death of a Rose always. 040316
misstree you won't laugh at my words
and your eyes won't harden until goodbye
and i promise i will trust you.
ambermoon promis me that you'll love me always.
that there will never be some one that could take my place.
promis that your love is endless and you will never leave me here alone.
promis me that when you look into my eyes you'll see past the walls and see the real me.
please, please promis to hold me forever and never let go.
i promis that i'll always love you with all my soul. there is no power that could make me love you any less.
promis to take me with you where ever you shall go for without you i will surely wither and die.
secret4185 ...on pain of death.... you will never tell 040317
O_A Promise you'll never call and that you don't care. Promise that when I need you most you won't be there. Promise me lies and low expectaions. But break every promise, just after you make them. Promise me nothing... and be sure not to keep it. 040317
Sey "promise we wont fall apart
promise right from the start
promise on heaven that you wont make believe
promise me"

-Lillix "Promise Me"
sab promise me
promise me

thats three times youve promised me.

now you gotta
keep your word
love & hate promise me that you will love me forever,
promise me that there is still hope,
promise me that we can do this together,
promise me you wont leave me alone,
promise me you wont break my heart again,
promise me you wont make me cry anymore
and i will promise the same to you.
Please promise me there is still hope for our love as it is strong enough and worth fighting for...
what's it to you?
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