sean electric air
cool breeze
patched corduroy
shaggy sparkly earth toned crowd
smoky lights
loose full body grooves
energetic exaltation
heady exhaustion
tired feet
repetitive inhibited motion
overloaded senses
full force filters
deep murky-
down homey-
electronic pcp elfish sharp-
tight multi-layered flowing-

ecstatic music.
wexler yuck!they suck! 001209
uhphishshinado "huh man? i'm sorry, i couldn't hear you. i was huffin' nitrous." 001209
lydia shluurrp them up 010323
jesse anyone who says they suck has obviously not truly listened to this band
you don't have to like the music to appreciate the musicianship and talent of this band
open your minds and stop listening to only one kind of music
don't rag on music just because it doesn't appeal to you
silentbob i gave it something of a good listen.
it sounds like that classic rock that i'm getting used to, only its modern.
i kind of like that.
Betsy adores them.
alkalinepixie anne listens to phish . i have some cds . i listened to phish a lot last year at this time .
yeah it wasnt such a bad feeling.
silentbob such a bad association now for such a happy band 010707
angie farmhouse is just a different version of "no woman no cry" by bob marley. will be truly amazed! 020110
Rael One Cloud I miss Phish. They used to just be this band we knew. We would hop in my van & head down to Burlington, & see them. They used to play the Front a lot. Now the Front is a bike store, & Phish got popular, & it's just no fun anymore.
They should never've gotten famous.
silent storm They suck. 020201
fuckyou their gone. their not coming back 020301
bethany what i used to do with all my time

ahhh the shows, the shows, the shows
scheisse guyute was an ugly pig 030125
Molly who walked on me and danced a jig 031203
realistic optimist a very talented band who got bigger than they ever wanted to be. it ws smart of them to stop touring for a while and do their own thing for a bit. songs like run like an antelope, chalkdust torture, and rift and compositions like gamehenge just leave me breathless. however, they did screw me over for 2 tickets which i never received and never refunded me... :/ 031203
Molly goodness goodness...if I never recieved phish concert tickets that I'd ordered I think my left foot would go rubbery. That musta sucked. 031203
Piso Mojado goodbye 040525
unhinged . 100627
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