daf I'm against all war. Some people are against all people who disagree with them.

I had a friend of mine say, "Killing women and children is War?"

To which I had to respond, "War is killing, period."

At what point did we determine the value of a mans life or of a woman's?

At what point did we decide that killing one human being was acceptable, while killing another is an atrocity against humanity? All War is an atrocity against humanity. Why would ANYONE try to sanctify dirty blood with semantics and empty rhetoric about "honor?"

At what point did we create rules to hide ourselves from the HORROR of what we do and become in times of war? No rules of engagement will change the nature of War, only alleviate our consciences somewhat.

Perhaps it is only wise men wiser than I that have learned to distinguish between sensible killing and senseless killing. I am blind in that respect.

Silly me, I've been searching for the enemy within me, when the enemy was in another country the entire time.
Lemon_Soda Why war through the ages? It isn't a recent development, right? Why have we been killing eachother since before recorded history? Why were there ever circumstances capable of justifying killing anyone? Is self defence preemptive murder? Is it better that I let them kill me than lower myself to do the same? How is anything justifiable when life itself is not fair, and has never pretended to be? Is it the same to speak against it, but stand aside as it continues? Does where we've been and where we are define where we are going? If everyone has their reasons, good enough for them to act, how then can I blame anyone for any action they've taken? What would it take to get the world to put their guns down?

Is a human life valued for potential or practical purpose?
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