sameolme Was stupendous! We snuck onto the farm with our pockets full of apples. We'd heard the stories of kids getting shot full of rock salt by the infamous evil
farmer, but Greg had a plan. Greg is my
huge big brother, who was huge even at 12. I was about half his weight and he could throw me pretty far. We climbed up on the high fence that enclosed the horse pasture and threw a couple apples toward a big grey horse. It quickly recognised what they were and chomped them up. (horses love apples)
Then we placed one on top of the fence post next to us. It moseyed over and scarfed it up. As Greg kept the horse eating I got myself in position. I stood on the top rail of the fence and then jumped, landing perfect on its back. It shot off and left me sitting in mid air, and then on the ground. Well I wanted to ride the horse and landing on its back for half a second didn't seem adequate enough to say I'd done it.
We had more apples and the horse wasn't acting spooked and I was down in the pasture already, so I offered more to him. He came right on over like it was no big deal that I'd jumped on his back a couple of minutes ago. Hell, I probably only weighed 80 pounds, so I really wasn't a big deal. Anyway we didn't have the fence this time, so I climbed up onto Greg's shoulders and stood on them.I fed the horse, Greg postioned his hands under the soles of my sneakers and when the space/time was right he launched me up onto the horse's back. Another perfect landing! This time I was ready, and when he took off I had a tight grip on his mane and my knees clenched on his sides. I stayed on him! I was riding a horse, not just riding a horse, but riding a galloping horse bareback! When he realized that running wouldn't get me off this time, he stopped and bucked a couple of times, I stayed on and was loving it, but I didn't know they were just practice bucks to gauge my mass and position on his back.
Then he did it! He bucked his butt up high and hard and put me in orbit! I was flying! Not like some dorky biplane, but like a rocket, straight up!I could see almost the whole world! When I fell back to Earth,I hit the soft sod with a wallop. I was laughing hard and crying and not doing either of them well because the wind was knocked out of me bad. It was great!
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