silentbob You had a carefree air about you i so often mistook for pretty.
and when i thought you were being nice
you were covering up dejected bitter half truths
i called you on valentines day
"hows the weather in your world
is it cloudy like mine
does it rain this hard there
do you get lots of snow?"
and you said, "You must have some nerve
comparing your selfpity to mine
as if not everything is black on the outside
and plaid outside in."
I tore your pictures, your letters
your postcards of places i'd never visit
about people i'd never meet
i still laugh at myself for that one sometimes
you had an ambivilance about you i so often mistook for cute
and when i thought you had so much in common with me
turns out you were just the agreeable type
i hope you leave bed unmade sometimes
and ignore your mirror reflection
i hope you don't put too much stake in things that will break you, in people who don't deserve for you to open yourself up to them
i hope your smog still smells nice
rollins I'll get the wrong idea
If you're kind to me
I'll start to make things up in my head
I'll think you'll want me
I'll hurt myself trying to please you
It won't be real
It will all be in my head
I won't be able to stop lying to myself
I will cut myself to pieces again and again
I won't feel it
You can watch
stupidpunkgirl you were interested in me
which i mistook as caring
you never had good intentions
yet let me think that you did
fuck me over
leave me
and ignore me

now i can't see good intentions
i've only been misled
and i don't know how to feel
for the future
silentbob not everyone has bad intentions..
some people actually DO care.
always remember that
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