Mushroomman I have words, these words are for you,

When i speak of dreams as beautiful as this, I am reminded of your kiss, we walk barefoot along the sand, and held hands, and we sat and we talked, and we kissed and we hugged, to feel your arms around me would be the place i would rather be, so soft is your skin, the taste of your lips, The rythmic beating of your heart, I run my fingers through your hair and still hold you when the morning comes I can feel you in my heart, the sound of your breath , the waves crashing on the shore, my heart still beats for you, my love, you are never alone, because when we wake, we will be together, even in dreams

when you tell me that you love me it still makes my heart skip a beat, My love for you is eternal, I wish for others to find a love like this,
And we dance to the music of our hearts beating as one.

Again i say, I love you Desserrae
Mushroomman Damnit, i'm going to cry again, tears of love, love for you 010617
florescent light it's times like this when I wish my name was Desserrae 010617
Devilsquishy I stood across from you, pulse racing, head swimming. Flames started flickering between us, ignition! Wrapped within your arms. A cold wind blows and I turn away. Afraid of your touch, wanting it more than anything. I fall down. You're gone and all I have are regrets. An ember in my heart still burns, it calls you. I turn to look and there you are. You were always there. Flesh combines as the flames rise higher into a symphony of light brighter than the day. I am happy and this is love. 010617
Devilsquishy And again I say as well...I love you Leland. 010617
MollyGoLightly palmer

BOB, on occasion.
genevieve ubiquitous; prickly, the now-or-never kind, often found in trees 010626
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