Tank everyone said it was so different, it's not different at all to me...

same message, different messenger...
amy it's... gentler. less hurt.
more yielding.

thom yorke's voice layered on beats. hmm.. thom yorke and bjork have a duet on bjork's new album... hmmm...
Raina my first radiohead experience.
"yes, I know I'm late..."
different from what I usually listen too.
Artwork on the 'hidden' booklet scares me.
Are the earlier works better?
silentbob my feelings are similar to raina's

my cousin justin bought me this cd for my birthday and he finally got it to me today. its one of those cds that you put on when you want to FEEL and not really listen. at least for me, anyway.
i really like "How to make yourself disappear completely"
i think thats the name of it. its nice.
Glory Box Bought it on a whim, because Brent was so hyper about it, just aching to hold it, and, lovely of lovlies, it is beautiful. My kind of music. The definition of ambient. Water, trees, sunny spaces and all sorts of bubbling brooks. This album is full of open space, and packed full with nature, but there are no people within its confines. People are props, to hold up the sun. "Women and children first." 001124
silentbob i think i read there will be Kid B C and D as well 001125
Barrett I borrowed it from a friend yesterday, and I can't bring myself to take it out of the player. 001126
john from michigan but lost in L.A. The only band that I have put every cd and imports from in my changer and drove from Michigan to Los Angeles crying and pure emotion. But great terapy for a broken heart. 001228
freakizh one of the best cds ever.
too harsh sometimes.
i can only play it when its raining and fresh. falling asleep with it, and wakeupping with 'henchild' (hidden song) is one of my favorite experiences.
Jack Bucks ghost taaaaaay



puck you
kid andre The first human clone.

He's out there somewhere.
what's it to you?
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