jennifer I pity the girls you've kissed
if only because I wish I was one of them
to feel your hot mouth on mine
of only once
just once
to make it real
instead of in_dreams
but even dreams have a sense of deceit
nothing is quite real in dreams
or too real
just one kiss
I pity the girls you've kissed
did they know then
they all know now
I knew
when I met you
but my heart never obeys my mind
and my mind is growing weak
from the stuggle
I pity the girls you've kissed
but did they ever lie in your arms
I'm only talking about them
not the recent ones
did they ever sing with you
or make promises on your balcony
or travel 220 miles just to surprise you
did they ever truly love you
I pity the girls you've kissed
for they never were as close to you
as I once was
silentbob i pity the people
who are so lost in
their own beliefs
to not recognize
the fact that
not everyone is them
that there are other
ways of living.
Their way isn't the only way
Just because it works for them
doesn't mean it works for everyone.
and i try not to become one of them.
Quiggz To quote the wonderful Mr. T... I PITY THE FOO!

All people deserve pity, for there are none who are truly evil. Even the wrongdoers, the worst of them. Did they believe they were doing something wrong? Probably not. Or they thought it was nessecary, and for a greater good. No one is evil. Just mislead. Rage only misleads one more. Don't be angry with them, for you will join their ranks, and one day, you will be mislead. Perhaps you are. Perhaps I am. Maybe this whole paragraph is just one more mislead point of veiw... But I still like it. Try to pity me, and I will try to pity you.
Thyartshallshant I pity everyone but me. Even though I'm the one that deserves it the most. 010106
CT i pity every day that the earth shows its face

i pity the sickness of the whole human race

i pity people dying and i pity being born

i pity just about everything, my pity has been worn

i will pity this and pity that, but never pity myself, because if i lived in so much pity, it would not be good for my health
what's it to you?
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