megan no matter what you say no matter what it feels like
i'm still here and always will be
my arms will still encircle your middle when you're feeling down
i will still sit on top of you when you're being a dork
and i will still love you
always love you
.fallen they are all gone..... but i am still here

Nikita oh yeah, why don't you prove it 040224
.fallen i_am_gone 040225
love & hate I'm not going anywhere. Even if you beg me to, i will not budge. I am with you forever. That is something you created. Something we created together. I will always be here. Until the day i die which is coming upon me quickly without you. 040418
pete here, sitting by myself but not alone. no. he is over there with his music on the speakers, studying if his motivation is operational, but not really here with me. no he is apart, different, i would like to say below but i can't be sure about the positioning of the two of us. but hey, i'm still here. i'm the one whose music you drown out with your own, even though i am often here first. you don't see me playing the asshole back to you. perhaps i should just take a nap? 'you are always in your room' she said. well, that is because it is my room, not your room. and he was angry because i called her a bitch. well, hey i'm still here and she isn't coming around every half an hour now. and she was a bitch. sniping at the guy who was allowing her to fuck his roomate when he wanted to be studying. *bitterness* but no, i'm still here and she isn't. he isn't either. he is lost. his motivation is that of a sofa. he was lost the moment he walked in the room, forever and utterly. next year i will still be here, in the college. working hard. learning about how people operate through the stories we tell. so. i'm still here. sitting here by myself but not alone, though it would probaly be best if i was alone but not lonely, beats not being alone but lonely. he has a negative presense like that. 040418
nomme) in stillness 050704
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