paste! Guidebook (sestina)

If experiencing difficulties with the flashlight,
remember that those who created paper
only had daylight and still they came up with the idea.
Even if you are not deft with tools, or a dodo,
you can make a refraction plate with a piece of copper
and some aloe vera. It really is fascinating.

And it goes on that everything about the outdoors is fascinating.
One can surely navigate without a flashlight,
especially if all you have are cheap batteries, not the copper-
top ones. It’s also hot to take notes on paper.
To stay inside, one would have to be a miserable dodo!
All it really takes is one impulse, no more than an idea

to get your sorry ass out of the chair and into the big idea
of natural surroundings. Trees are fascinating!
The sky is expansive! Don’t be a dodo!
Just one impulse is all it takes, like a flashlight
going off in your retroactive brain stuffed with paper
from your office, or the wiring they used of copper

instead of the requested bronze, although copper
should get the job done. Conductivity is also an idea
that’s old as monocles, about the same time paper
was discovered. History, or rather, reflections are fascinating
when you finally get the chance to shine a flashlight
on the dusty brain that you live with. Mind that dodo

that we call memory, and do yourself, dodo,
a favor—find some spare time and visit a copper
mine, a national forest, a landmark and forget the flashlight.
About letting go and just taking off for a weekend, the idea
is as old as the ancient Greeks and they…were…fascinating.
What do I remember about reading my paper-

back with Plato’s The Apology? Socrates unrolling his paper
scroll, days before he died trying to convince the dodo
republic of Athens that he really was a fascinating
person, one that his scholars looked up to as if his face was on a copper
coin or something, an otherwise impossible idea
for reasons outside of my understanding. Banish your flashlight!

Get outside, banish your flashlight! Do not write on your paper
list ofideas to manifest”. Just leave the house, dodo,
in your copper-zippered jeans and go find something fascinating!
what's it to you?
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