lokkust i'm not even going to touch this word 000219
lotusflower heavy petting? 000219
birdmad however lascivious it may be, the word "fond" is at it's root, and thus, it can't be all bad.

can it?
rabbit of the morning no, it can't. it's playing together and that is always good. you know what i'm sayin? 000416
Sintina With two players, this is good, but I'm definately not the solo type... 010106
silentbob you're an asshole, you're a jock, you just sucked your best friends cock
you're a bitch, you're a slut, you let him fuck you up the butt
i think you really smell
i hope you go straight to hell

"You Smell"
by The Fondled.
Thyartshallshant Why wont anyone fondle me? Not including myself? 010106
Miner If you dont mind 010609
nocturnal sounds like a good idea to me. too bad there's no one here to fondle or be fondled. damn my luck. 010609
Casey Hey, if you post here, you no doubt have some type of imagination, and are connected to the internet. Just find a naked picture and rub the computer screen up and down. When you feel a spark, that means you just had a orgasim 010609
nocturnal WOW! great advice! thanks. I'm looking right now. thanks for the great suggestion. 010609
unhinged FONDLE
i hear it breathe under my bed
i feel it's heart beat in my head
i've seen him crawl out on a whim
i rise to join him once again and
i know the score
cuddle it in my two hands
muddle it with my demands
everything i hide and seek
came back to kill me in my sleep
i know the score
i've felt the scorn
i've lost my mind
something sticky on my hands
image burns inside "sam's" head

frank silver, ivet
Aaron he called me a pedophile... when i get there... she'll be 16.. she's in the UK... i'll be there... just before that day.... 041007
what's it to you?
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