jamesmartymartin the little sparkle of life in everyone
can be seen in her presence
jamesmartymartin i miss her. i won't cry.she has stolen me from the day we first met.
i can't wait to be in her arms again...
jamesmartymartin but some things in this world you just can't change, and you need to know when to walk seems like i should say, "as-long-as-this-is-love" , but it's not all that easy.
He wasn't fucking kidding when he said "it's gonna be a long December."
I thought she could change. Only strong people can change. I saw a girl who impressed me. Her touch makes me shiver. I could have touched back, but the guilt of you being so far away held me still. I think it's a respect thing. Had I known you had started another flame, I still would have respected the situation.
Please don't lie to me through your
Mona Lisa smile. What do you dream of? Who do you dream of? Let me rest in peace and find another sunrise.):
jamesmartymartin i need a phone call..i need a rain coat....i need a big love. oh you won't understand. i really,really need a rain coat. It's the night before, the night before and the lights are amazing the maze of streets below me.
How does the conscience of a monkey work? Is it built on a pile of wood ashes? You can't tell even when you live in the same tree, trust me.
Patience, be kind, life is just a comedy of ,right?
what's it to you?
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