amy perfect repression rising 000109
purple tzar this is the worst trip I've ever been on. 000118
sunny something i'll say one day, when i find my own, it'll be so prefect, nothing hurting...home, real home, not shelter, home.....i just want to find it, where maybe you'll hold me tight, and i'll feel safe, and listen to rain fall on the roof above, and not have to worry about anything but oyur heart beating 000522
freakizh you've laughed at me
you've taken my money
you've ended my patience
you've spit on my notebook
silent storm I am "home"
wishing I was somewhere else.
pushpins summer comes and goes
and the sparks fade
as i relive them through the seasons
daydreaming and wishing
and exploring the marvelous opportunities
that summer brings.
The days drag by
heavy and melancholy
and my eyes are painted with think black
smudged by my restless fingers.
and school ends for the year
and all I can say is
"can i go home now?"

(to maryland)
andru235 here i've been for centuries
(oops, i mean, i'm mid-twenties)
i'm ready to return to home
(er, i mean, to the New Rome)

look. i must speak in a manner frank
that i'm alien is no prank.
this is not for you to fear
i'm powerless, and stranded here.

it's not my body which seems strange
rather, it's my mental range
though i've skills you've never known
i'm as inept as Estragon

please, brothers, bring me home
on this earth one cannot roam
fences, private property
cover the land as far as i see
sirflaccid I was stuck there for four days listening to it.

"What's wrong?"
"Why are you so depressed?"
"Life goes on."

I swear to god if I hear any more questions or advice from you I will be forced into a homicidal rage.
Syrope the summer i stayed with my cousins, i kept getting that song in my head and i'd be idly singing it floating around in the pool. i think i gave them a complex. 041231
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