TalviFatin Why do I attract assholes? Why do I fall prey to constant heartache? Why cant I find someone who will treat me right?

I should just give up...

at the rate I'm going...

I'm hopeless...
shutter-bug TalviFatin, do not ask yourself "Why do I attract assholes".

Instead ask yourself
why am I attracted to all the assholes.

Who do you know?
Where are you?
Where are the assholes?
Who are the assholes?

More importantly...
Who is not an asshole?
Where are they?
And again...
Who do you know?
Where are you?
better at being a bastard Frequently you never know until it is too late, but of course by then... it's too late 031021
Zoe if this helps anyone, i've learned that i'm only attracted to assholes when i think i don't deserve better. learn to love yourself, then you'll find boys who do too. 031022
pipedream all of them have bastardy streaks, some's are wider and some's are narrower, but they all have a bastardy streak. they can't help it. its just the way they are. hooray for the patriachal society we all live in :P

*mutter mutter*

but i still maintain not *all* of them are huge bastards. small bastardiness is all right because you get a balance/justification for bitchiness.
BUT there ARE colossal bastards and i wish they would stay far, far away from the people i love, its very vexing to have to deal with saving a friend from one. very vexing.
nomatter and thats why we love them. 031023
Doar yes they are. 031028
unhinged "why are you bringing that up now? that happened months ago. i'd forgot all about it by now."


self_imposed_torture can only speak for itself

Black Argonaut order for boys to be bastards... we'd all have to have been born out of wedlock... personally, i know i'm not a bastard.

and not all bastards are bad guys... okay i'm just blathering for the hell of it, i really have no opinion here. i've already done the whole defending my gender on blather and i failed. so i won't try again.
misstree 's okay, argonaut, i only bother in occasional spurts anymore as well. it's sad when something is so done to death that i get tired of arguing about it, especially something so fundamental. 031122
In_Bloom Yes they are, even the ones wearing manly skins
Get used to it
Lemon_Soda Heh.

I could, but I'm not going too.
what's it to you?
who go