hsg where are the borders of compassion? why are they there at (x0,y0,z0) instead of nearer to plus_or_minus one?

how do we coordinatechnologyroma such_that a pure heart is the center of whathrives in this world?
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unhinged tonglen

globalize your love
unhinged i empathize with you; but if you are going to throwmy feelings and my personality in my face i see no reason to be your friend now.

if you can't be careful with me i won't be careful with you. being nasty is not who i am but it is who you make me want to be.

dafremen you get what you give. 140524
unhinged shrink when pain increases; some kind of modern survival mechanism

that even as i want to spit in your face i am so mad at you right now, i also feel sad that you have made yourself so miserable that you don't even want the kind of love i have to give.

borders are an artificial concept.

we are both in pain right now. it doesn't make sense that we both have to go through this alone and miserable. we spent so much time together in the past few months, now there is a vacuum where you used to be. i still believe that we had a future that would have been good for both of us together. it would not have been easy for either of us, but we could have made each other happy. i did not need a label for that, let alone a ring and babies and a million dollar house on greenlake like that ex bitch of yours. but you want that kind of woman in your life. or so you are letting your mother make you think. so good luck with that asshole.

the sadness melts to anger
melts to sadness

compassion is so much easier when there isn't all this pain involved
Just Saying you will never reach compassion when you still have borders of pain.

unhinged i have compassion and pain in me everyday. there is no difference between the two. just saying.

fir3cub3 only a genius treads it 140527
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