silentbob What should you do if you find an atheist?

Goat Atheist: "Bah! I don't believe in anything! I'm staying at HOME on sunday!!!"

Atheists such as the crotchety old mr. gruff think they've got it all figured out

...but then why are they always so sad?

If you find an atheist in your neighborhood TELL A PARENT OR PASTOR RIGHT AWAY!!!

you may be moved to try and witness to these poor lost souls however..

Atheists are usually very grumpy and bitter and will lash out at children or they may try to trick you into neglecting God's word.

Very advanced techniques of witnessing are needed for these grouches. Let the adults handle them.
Jaguar [Misguided and lost.] 031205
Whitechocolatewalrus I am misguided, and I am lost, but I am not necessarily an atheist. Sometimes I believe in God, sometimes I do not. Really, I see no proof that God is there or that he isn't there.It's so hard for me to understand the full power that God supposedly has. Last night I went to a bible study group and it was great fun, much more fun than I expected. But still, sometimes I have doubts. How can I give my life away to something that I can't even be sure exists? 031205
secret4185 So be agnostic, it's the way to go. That means you don't deny the existence of God, but you don't think there's sufficient proof to believe. Then you can watch the religious groups battle eachother while you sit back uninvolved. Of course many people consider this a form of atheism. I just think of it as having other things to do than debate whether or not there's a higher power. If there is, there is, right? And if s/he wanted us to know they'd let us know? 031205
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