snaggle Ecce! In pictura est puella, nomine Flavia. In pictura est altera
puella, nomine Cornelia. Cornelia et Flavia amicae sunt. Puellae sub
arbore sedent. Dum Flavia scribit, Cornelia legit. Ubi sunt Setxus
et Marcus, amici nostri? Sexte! Marce! Ubi suntis? Ecce! Pueri in
agris ambulant. Marcus Corneliam conspicit et pueri ad puellas
currunt. Sub arbore sedent quod defessi sunt. Cornelia Marcum in
complexu tenet, et Flavia Sextum verberat cum baculo. Pueri ibi sunt,
ergo puellae laetae sunt.
silentbob kinda sucks that i cant understand a fucking word of that announcement 000616
vampers this is my announcement:

i want no more, dont admire me, you dont know what i am or who i am, im sick of responsibilty, i cant handle it anymore, i refuse to take another pill to make me happy, i want true happiness, i want to cry, im sick of crying, i have no energy, not even enough to cry, i no longer want to hide from my fears, or hide from myself, take me down off this pedastle, ive already fallen from it, im falling farther and deeper from the answer of a question i do not know, years of pain, years of crying, years of disorders, i want to fall asleep and wake up and see it as a beautiful start of a new day, i want to dream of far off places again, i want to enjoy school again, not sit in class and hold back the tears while doodling in my notebook, i want no more of this life i have made for myself, i never wanted to be unhappy
Anon I Love You who ever you are. 010423
dB Vampers,

The gound isn't far to fall
When you're falling
From the moon.

unhinged live alien broadcast from baltimore kicks ass.

this has been a public service announcement from your local music "band-aid"
Eowithien ::chk::

Sorry for the interuption, there is an update in the Old Hall list [where everyone goes when theres no substitute teacher for your class]. Mr. Hall, periods 4, 5, 6. Mrs. Mahoney, all classes. and... Oh thats it. Thank you.


^we get a few of those each day ::rolls eyes:: high school...
ever dumbening i isti it imus istis erunt that's frightening that i know what about 90% of the latin said. and i took latin in 6th and 7th grade--over 20 years ago. the shit we have lodged in our brains ... unbeleebitable! 030310
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