erin what else can express how crazy i am getting right now with you there and me here...........................................kiss me 010528
farmfish i will kiss you.i will draw your body close to mine. 010528
ditto I was a skater
I was a bottle too,
Don't tell me about that dotty one
hes got nothin' to do,
But she loves me and I do too.
So stop rappin' in ya underwear
and i'll whisper too,
Melo I love sex
and i do too.
But she dances in the sky
we both do.

Stop rappin'
start sackin' the tree
My names LolaCacola
the core is cuttin' through,
That's algebraic news for you.
My lemons on me hat
but he's in a taxi too.
Don't tell me about a coma,
don't talk about a jew,
don't tell me ya love me
cos I got news for you.

So If you have a problem
just listen to you,
sing a song
kiss a boy
My names Peter
cos Janes too plane for you.
Black and white tea time
oh a motorbike too,
Neva met ya baby
but I always wanted to.
whisper me a new one
and I'll tell ya too.

Give me a stick
and I'll take ya too,
don't give me a paper
clouds are fun too.
Its ok cos I've got a black man
and a honey too,
My friends a writer
there are many of you.
so tell me ya love me
and i'll shake ya hand too.

My sisters Nina
in me cotton buds too,
she's just snotty cos
its bogie too.
French are Romo so do you have a loo?
My names Lola and I'm a baby too,
Little ones need to
cos they steal your boo boos
and do a mouth one too.
My brothers a ninny
cos we ony tune into you.
So send me a postcard,
and I'll tell ya somik new,
we watch a film but nobody else do.

the songs called
Finny Speils likes wine too,
the skys his playground
and I neva new,
So give me a mat
and I'l l show ya the zoo,
The moons a star
it's in me nickers too,
First it's the french
then i'll fuck on you,
Tell me your a ninny
and I'll build a bridge 4 you,
Charlie Browns my boy and he's white too.

Stop Rappin'
Start sacin' the tree,
My names LolaCacola,
The core is cuttin' through,
Thats algebeic news for you,
My lemons on me hat
he's in a taxi too,
Don't tell me about a coma,
Don't talk about a jew,
don't tell me that ya love me
cos me got news for you.
ninny and now kennys dead. 010529
TK !!! Whear have all the Blather ppl I know?!? who invited all these new ppl!!! 020831
devilbunny Wow. I scare myself. 061110
ahhhh.. sometimes you say it when you play tennis..

and sometimes you say it in bed.
what's it to you?
who go