imposter I yearn for the race to be done and won, for that simple life with a job and a loving wife and kids.


I yearn for the ability to kiss her goodnight as I pull the sheets over both of us, kids asleep in the next room, and my gratifying job awaiting me at 7 am the next morning.

Simple dreams, I suppose. . .

I yearn for domesticity.
ashmanzhou its amazing
what i yearn for
just a life of dreams departed
gone and dead deserting
this shell i call me nothing
makes me wake from this mistake
i call life my life my hell incarnate
in all its burning choking glory
blinded burning my head is churning
seething with so many things that mean
nothing in all ive seen
nothing but death to me
nothing but pain and hate and forgotten fury
all lost and justly wrong
why do we wait
on this side of abyssal doom
to run to death and tormented pain
to scream when death closes jaws
and rends us soul from embodied self

so in the end
whatever makes me yearn for life
is only death
finality stability the escape looming
something i hold close to me
as a talisman of me
my life my dreams all gone
replaced by this

and do i ever only yearn for death
Raina I yearn for this child that I'm carrying to be a happier person than I was.

And if at least not happier, more well adjusted.
Roaul Duke i yearn for my sara to look at me the way she used to, with so much love in her eyes. 060616
empty orgasm I want to fuck you. I want you to fuck me.

But what I really want is for you to be relaxed while we fuck. Comfortable in each others bodies. To enjoy each others tastes and sensations. To explore and delight in each other. I yearn for it.
Raina yikes...

things don't always turn out as planned

I yearn to turn back time on certain things
what's it to you?
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