dB Who are you?

We don't really know who we are. Other people don't really know who we are.
There is a kind of isolation there. A lacking in real contact. Look at Daffy's Brains theory to get an idea of how isolated our little brains are from each other.
Maybe that's why we are here, to figure out who we are, and what we are.
So many people are unsure of themselves, they project the image that they think will do them the most good, and in the end they lose track of ourselves.
Fear comes from isolation. When you don't have other people around you are lonely, generally speaking.
Why is this?
I think it's because we need to hide behind the face we show others and when no one else is around we are faced only with ourselves, and since most people aren't used to that they freak and long for the company of others.
It is said that there is only one thing worse than being alone in the darkness, being alone in a crowd. Many are alone in both cases.
Some people really freak when going into say, a bar by themselves. A bar is a social place, and some people think themselves very conspicuous going into such a place by themselves when in reality it is the exact opposite.
Maybe it is simply a case of not having your persona that you show to those known to you to hide behind. We know how to act with our friends, but we don't know how to act with strangers, so there is this falsehood of small talk while you work out your spaces.
We are not only sounding out the other person, we are working out what kind of mask we should be wearing for that person.

You have a headache.
Someone who you don't know well greets you and asks you how you are.
What do you say? "I'm fine" is the usual response.
Because subconciously you do not want to be perceived as weak.

It's not until you've figured out who you are and what you are that you can really be free. Free to be alone in the darkness or in a crowd, comfotable with the knowledge that you know who you are and can share that with others or keep it to yourself.

we are more than the sum of the masks we wear. The only problem is that we don't know that.

Anyway, that's my daily rant.
Dafremen I'm sorry I missed this when you wrote it man...it was pretty damned good.

(P.S. I think we're here to appreciate.)
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