kr8 ooo !
maybe you are tired
but i am thinking of the soft ears
of my cat
and how nice they are indeed
to fold down
i am so pleased that i call them
for they are truly weary
soft and quissable to a freak like me
unhinged i am tired
of being awake
of apologizing
of existing
of pretending
of seeing
of smiling

from thursday night to monday morning i slept 47 hours. and you could had 8 more of just laying around in bed of the hours that i was awake on saturday. i didn't really do anything or even get out of bed for more than just to see if there was anyone online to talk to. 47/56 hours out of about 72. that's a lot.
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unhinged undescribably 090119
unhinged (i think the fact that i could have had a more meaningful relationship with someone who was genuinely interested in me and was perfect on paper, that all my twisted issues deteriorated into meaningless_sex has increased my weariness exponentially of late. i still feel guilty about that and i keep trying to tell myself that we feel the way we feel and not much to be done about that. i wish i could stop feeling for the ones that don't feel much for me) 090120
past long day after long day after long day after long day.

thursday will be a full day, but not a long one (but friday will be long again).

that my body has decided sleep is for the weak doesn't help.
In_ Wary
Not all that surprised
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