sarpedon It's hard to fool me
I can read between the lines

I still remember the one time
You said you liked me
I have not forgotten those times
We talked for so very long
Sitting on the train
You were completely at ease

We've probably known each other
For ten years, on and off
It was last year that I
Really got to know you
And you got to know me

Everyone who does not know me
Thinks I am the shy and quiet type
And I'm sure you did too
But I found myself opening up to you
I felt you could very well
Understand me

But whenever there was someone else
I severely cut my talking
And you rarely talked to me
Only alone would I open up
Only alone could I open up

So maybe you could understand
How it ripped me apart
When in front of me, to someone else
You said that I
"Can't talk"

I would have expected it from anyone else
For they do not yet understand
But never from you
Never from you

And yet we still talked more
I tried to show you the truth
I just wanted to be a friend
I just wanted to get to know you

I have wondered why you never call me
Even though you call everyone else
I'm confused how you can avoid me
And not talk to me for days

I somehow get the feeling
That something in you or around you
Is fighting against this notion
That you like this shy quiet guy

I am sure of this
Because you clearly do not dislike me
But rather in fact must like me
But still treat me differently

We are not even really friends
We have never done anything together
How could you expect me to initiate anything
When clearly you are more social

I hope you are not fighting
Against your very innermost feelings
That when sometimes we get too close
You have to push me so far away

But I do know this
That you never told me when you got a boyfriend
And never told me when you broke up
And never even mentioned his name

For if you wanted me to keep away
You would just mention that relationship
But something in you prevented you
And still prevents you to this day
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