celery what do you do about really weird
stalkers who like never give up?
bijou start following them home after they've been watching you all night and they need a little sleep of their own when the sun comes up. 010822
bijou hm. celery stalkers. 010822
sabbie and she ditzed to me "oh, ive had, like, about 5 stalkers, and they all came from my webpage' [she commenced blondebouncingandgiggling] and i jsut looked at her.

several things came leaping to mind.
i could have said "and if there were stalkers why do you sound so pleased?"
"is this the part were i congratulate you or consol you?"
"why are you fluttering your eyelashes at me like that? is this some kind of pick up line? are you asking me to be your 6th?"
"you know, if your gunna put things like your tits and your address on the same page, what on earth do you expect?"

but jsut like in comedy films when too many people are trying to get through the door at once, too many thoughts were fighting for control of my mouth and consequentially, nothing came out.

at that, she pouted a little and wandered off.
ShnizelCheese Well thank God for that cause im sure she would certainly start Stalking you. 030325
lenore i know this girl who stalks every guy she will never be able to get. like seriously knowing everything from their mother's madien name and their address. but no has the nerve to tell her shes crazy and she needs to get a life. 031026
pipedream can be a massive pain in the arse....i understand you can't help it but can't you do it from afar? like FAR FAR afar? 031027
quinn spying on her from afar
as she walked with her friends
laughing, laughing, laughing
the sun glinting off her golden hair
watching her, wanting her, needing her
he could almost taste her
and his eyes were liquid pain
what's it to you?
who go