:..S e e d S.:...o f...:.L i g h T..: There is no such thing as a random number.

Randomness cannot possibly exist in our structured universe.

We may not be able to comprehend that pattern, but it is foolish of us as community beings to assume we understand everything.

We clearly do not.

If I take a handful of seeds and through them into the wind, some would say they would scatter randomly...
but they wouldn't.
The factors of number of seeds, speed of toss, wind velocity, terrain, how many curls I did last week, what I ate for breakfast. All of these factors would be added to a plethera of others to determine EXACTLY where each and every accountable seed would land.

Even a computer couldn't be programmed to believe in randomness. Everything that happens is calculable, and that is why predestination is true.
phil if their were no randomness
why would the concept excist?
Toxic_Kisses I read the title and couldn’t help but think of the flower seeds I'd tossed/planted around his yard and through out the forest that surrounds 3 sides of his house

I'd been collecting all sorts of seeds just for this very occasion, the last packet of seeds I had bought had been on Beths birthday and later that evening I came home w/ a kitten she'd given me, witch I must say was truly an unfair trade of presents seeing az how all I got her was 2 books (that she probably wouldn’t read) and a CD, but I've gotten of track (az I usually do), I'd opened all the packets of seeds I bought and poured them out into a tupawear container and than mixed them all up by hand b4 distributing them out side, some handfuls I planted w/ care others I simply tossed while spinning in a circle, seeing az how he lived about an hour away it wasn’t often I got to see him and always I treasured the time we were together and tried to forget the reasons I hated him, little did I know that would be the last time I'd be able to come to his house or that a week later we'd make a mutual decision to breaking up, but I can't help wonder if those flowers ever bloomed, and if so do they still bloom growing wild in the forest and in his yard, and most of all, when he sees them, does he think of me? Does he miss me? And if so does he feel regret?
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