love & hate the place in which i'm forced to exist. Where i'm doomed to live out my existance all alone, not knowing what to do with myself. Whether the good things i've done in my life override the bad and whether i will have my katie again. This is where i wander every day, alone, without my angel. One day she may return, and that day, the doors open to heaven. Until then, i will wait in purgatory until she saves me again. 040505
kookaburra this word reminds of the roman (or was it greek?) room in which people went to throw up so that they could eat more food.
hmmm, oh yea i kinda spoiled the mood of the previous entry.
o well
"fresh tastes better, mentos freshness, fresh tastes better with mentos feesh and full of life"
mentos.the freshmaker
minnesota_chris the vomitorium? I'm not sure that's right... the vomitorium was a part of the colosseum that could expel people quickly. 040505
mourninglight I have no breathe left to waste. 041030
sagsfsgasfg So here I stand
Completely alone
My skin absorbs the rain

Helpless to control
Pieces within the whole
I can feel it starting again

A sudden descent
I never meant
To manifest itself

Caught unaware
In frozen air
By visions sent in stealth

How far I've fallen
Dancing in the ruins of purgatory
My time is borrowed
But still I waste away

I've seen your eyes
Search desperate skies
For meaning they can't find

Succumbed to fate's
Unsteady gait
And found it too unkind

Plunge through the depths
Of what you let
Control you for too long

Life's fickle hand
Dealt reprimands
You prayed for all along

How far you've fallen
Dancing in the ruins of purgatory
Your time is borrowed
But still you waste away

Watch the world pass
Through broken glass
And wonder what went wrong

Monuments fall
On shattered walls
We once thought were so strong

Our false beliefs
Are merely thieves
That steal our precious time

And off they flee
In symmetry
Never punished for their crimes

How far we've fallen
Dancing in the ruins of purgatory
Our time is borrowed
But still we waste away
Question man Hey! That's a good old A23 number. I love that song! 070719
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