squint *blink*

What is the purpose of this moment in my life?

this is by no means anything hinting near suicide because, that would be a really useless stupid move...and I dont wnat to die in the least. I just want some more meaning. Lately, all life is, is just wasting time and trying to keep busy so I won't crack. I mean, what is it; cracking? what would my move be? what would the final straw be?
I already feel so comletely hollow...I talked to my mom because I realized I had no friends and my mom is supposed to pretend she cares. and I was too blunt. People are shocked by how blunt I can be sometimes...and its turning into all the time...and now i could very well be described as strange, but queer is a more fitting title...I am beginning to feel lost to myself...i think I'm slipping, but I don't know where...
I just want to reach a destination or have some way to write this all off. Just that my life is utter nothingness and I don't have anyone to spend time with.

I am so hypocritical in that I am so obsessed with the social aspect of life, and yet I am so introverted and folded into far back into my own mind that nobody can really comfortably interact with me...

I'd like to change this but I can't figure out how.

This blathe is selfish, yes, but ...

its all thats on my mind. all of the nothing.
squint if for some reason you take offense at my blathering, save yourself some time and just don't comment. Really. 020722
Romiette i don't take offense to it one bit, because i feel

sphinxradio they say the most difficult place to make friends is in a big city.
go figure.
daxle whoops 020723
jane you described how i've been feeling

stuck in a time zone you created yourself as a defense mechanism sometime in your subconscious childhood...?

or maybe not even that complicated. either way i understand.

my meaning has lost its life
she If your life lost it's meaning does that mean you know the meaning of life? 020724
phil today 020729
what's it to you?
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