werewolf johnny, answering her question muttered, half the time other people are in your way, the other half of the time they aren't there when they should be.

"what was your happiest moment" she asked as if checking a question off of a questionaire, with an air of tired professionalism, and yet also an enthusiasm that seemed to want to leave the question behind.

johnny thought back - he remembered playing video games with his best friend who had since moved away. it was a particularly hard one, absolute silence on both of their parts was required on the last level - and total concentration was given (it was the first time either of them understood what adults meant when they say stop messing around!). He really wanted to be able to just say the name of the games and see her eyes light up, but he figured that wouldn't work. "that's a hard one." he said. Then he remembered again when the game was beaten - the princess rescued, a repetitive song of gratitude - and after the jumping, the total lack of self consciousness fist pumping and cheering - how he and his friend looked at each other and smiled, more subdued, knowing (in the way kids retroactively know when they think back as adults) it was over, and that it'd never be better than this, never more difficult or worthwhile. "I don't know" Johnny finally said, and his eyes felt a strong pull to her hands, "it might as well be right now." I'll always be half lying, he thought, just by continuing to live.
angeltrue I muttered to myself - "Say it ain't so." 061011
stork daddy sometimes i can't believe how much i've left here. 061011
egger there are many who are glad for it. 061012
stork daddy it keeps me going. thanks. 061012
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