miniver I've been eating hard candies this morning. I've been chewing hard candies like they were...something that you're supposed to chew...soft candies, maybe. Hey. There is something wrong about this whole 'world' thing, and I can't quite put my finger on it, and I can't even focus on any one idea without shivering a little and suddenly remembering to think of lots of other things. I guess that could be fear. Or angst. And it seems like it all comes from the same place, but I think the truth of the matter is that all places are the same place, in the end.

I am Funnel.

I guess it could be idle epistemology and cartesian doubt more than anything. What should I have to fear? Of what should I be anxious? Failure? Success? Existence? Cavities caused by hard candies? Real fear and angst take focus, I think, and who has that sort of ambition these days? (Well. You hear about all those busy people who are doing and being things, I suppose...but they can only assert themselves into existence, right?)

Actually, I'm in a good mood, and I'm not really thinking about all this stuff but filling up some space and even more time. Some are the fruity candies with the gooey centres. Some are Jolly Ranchers, which are more difficult to chew and really stick to the teeth.
ryanthered I agree it's hard to concentrate on one idea. i've been bouncing around to other words here and there. you see i dont even know what monomaina means. 001027
newme no_one is crazy about me

i guess that's a good thing
myriadmoods in monomania Blathering can be a monomania kind of thing that happens to many of us on here, i for one am not going to let this monomania continue, but i do want to leave a really cool word to use next time i am bored and into a monomania here with the rest of you blathering fools. I hope these words on here are perdurable, meaning permanently affixed on the world wide web of foolishness. 050324
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