yummychuckle There are 2 mansons that I care to talk about
Marilyn manson and charles manson.
Marilyn manson is ok, I used to dislike him—a lot…and while he is still creepy, some of his music isn’t bad, and I like some of the lyrics (see pill or pillscant remember which one). Plus two of my closest friends are huge manson fans.
Charles Manson has some pretty artwork. Only some. Like these scorpions he makes out of thread. And yeah hes a murderer which s bad.
That is all.
dB Charles Manson was a lunatic. I will never condon taking the life of another. Ever.
Marilyn Manson... well, his dance has been played before (see early Bowie, Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, the list goes on). His music, to me is very bland, not incredibly articulate, but ther eis meaning there. In an interview situation he seems to be an intelligent, observent, interested individual. This counts for a lot.

*Much Peace*
distorted tendencies Marilyn Manson is damn sexy. 010921
Misery Machine i had a little monkey
i took him to the country
and fed him on gingerbread
along came a choo_choo
and knocked my monkey coo_coo
now my monkey's dead
Boymansonbowie Ants are in the sugar
Muscles at your feet
We're on the other side, the screen is us and we're tv
Split me open
Sticking to my bony ribs
Are all your infants in abortion cribs?
I was born into this
Everything turns to shit
The boy that you loved is the Man That You Fear...

-Marilyn Manson
mechanical birdmad "muscles atrophied" 020812
Teenage Jesus 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
All good children go to heaven.
Boymansonbowie Thanks Mechanical Birdmad. *Blushes* I should really have known that, seeing how obsessed with him I am. Proving once again that pot really does affect memory... 020827
Athena Jordison FUCKING SEXY! 030915
Athena Jordison Marilyn manson.... Drools 030915
IKC 56-80 Shirley Manson from Garbage...mmmmm 030915
love & hate Marilyn Manson is the object of lust for me as well as many others. 040509
Dire Manson is fucking HOT!! 040612
kelsey marilyn manson.. i just want to drop to his feet and suck on his shoe laces. Or boot laces. Whatever. 041006
ChristDecay666 I'm a Goth and I hate Marilyn Manson. 050609
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