hsg learning of the self and the flowering_of_the_spirit 081003
In_Bloom It's not for the fickle or for cowards hoping to get lucky 081003
hsg it's for putting who you are in front of what people think of you, what you have, or any sort of letters after your name. it's about learning what's in your heart before you let your fears hurt others and yourself. it's about not making excuses for delaying love even if you somehow felt justified. 081003
In_Bloom Over my shoulder were people who put gusto into Heartwork

Too recent are those brave enough only to ask it of me

My heart is willing but tired
crocheting_heart discovering your uniqueness

fo filling your dreams : )
danny compassion for others included compassion for self.

others are easier. you can create a plausible fiction but you live with yourself and can see the BS where story and person mismatch.

watch ones mind and heart and ride the pain and good without being addicted. know when you are trying to except self-awareness becomes chinese water torture. you can see your mind, heart and body going unstoppably in a direction and are powerless to change.

at least you can keep arm length from the incoming train wreck of your own feelings and actions. stick handy labels on, take notes, record with almost indifference, taking all kinds of angles of now without really ever being present and tangled in it, because you are self-aware.
h|s|g all_kind's_of_angels 101007
snook His died twice. In the middle of the knight. Knight, no one knowing, not even he, asked for a pain pill, heroic gesture. Convinced to go to V.A. Laid out on the tarmac. Black and blue I saw you, the last I'd ever see you. Somehow you survived. I died there. Smoke all three of your packs contacting family after you quit, only because your heart did. Still under stiff lights I partook in stiff drinks, brought them under your roof. Before cried when I saw your clothes, sunken on the bed post. Your smell still in all of them. Your wallet empty as always. All Ways. 101007
h|s|g HeARTworks Gala 2008

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