typhoid (oh yes)
Fe-Li-Ne? hehehe, yeah right.
a cat's name floats, in a sea of cheese. not a canine compatriot, purring prettily about some dancing dustballs.. bounding siliently into the night, only to colide with your leg as you step out of bed (or sleeping_bag as the case may be)
whar be you?
mika slender sleek and sensuous
you've twined about my ankles
too many times to ignore you any longer
your mysteries entice me to ask
who are you?
you smile at me with a smug satisfaction
i've been seduced
i've fallen in your little trap
but now i wear the cheshire smile
i've had you all along
MollyGoLightly One time a nice curly haired boy said "You're a cat." It's one of the better compliments I've ever recieved. 000330
Brad I've been associated more than once with Tigger frm Winnie the Pooh. Many see it, others don't. I'm not sure if it's an insult or not... 000330
dean-bean Here kitty, kitty, kittty. Good kitty. I think it is the most satisfying thing in the world to get a little kitten to purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... 000330
girl my cat is more antisocial than i am
she just walks around and if she isnt walking around shes hiding out somewhere where you cant find her
(most people know where to find me if im not walking around)
like rain. i wanna take you by the hand.
i wanna lead you back into the dark corners of my room.
i wanna feel your hands brushing across my skin, shiver at your lips upon my neck.
i wanna bury myself in you until i forget everything but your smell.
i wanna fall into that place inside where passion swells and steeps the air.
i wanna...
phil we are still talking about cats here? 020721
Sailor Jupiter I'm part feline on the inside.
Soullot Iknow what that look means...try pouncing on me, kitty, and I'll pounce right back. 030217
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