Princess Lola if "fe" stands for iron

would a female be an iron male?
Vurtually Boring The Turing Game

One of the interesting themes discussed at the CT99 conference was the idea of presence and virtual identities.

With the Turing Game you can participate in an experiment to help understand interactions between people in cyberspace. The project description says:

Do men and women behave differently online? Can you tell who is a man and who is a woman on the Internet based on how they interact with others? Can you tell how old someone is, or determine their race or national origin?

The game is an experiment run by Joshua Berman and Amy Bruckman of Georgia Tech. It helps you understand and answer these questions through your direct participation.

Let's Pull the Plug - The Internet is a waste of time

The Australian Broadcasting Commission is tuned in to the Internet and has one of the most interesting sites around. In early October they will host a debate on this issue on radio then put the transcript on their site.

You can get a feel for the debate by reading the transcripts of programs titled The Internet is Full Please go Away and The Internet versus the Toaster.

The Control Revolution by Andrew Shapiro

Read an email interview with the author about his new book in which

Shapiro suggests that we might find ourselves imprisoned within our increasingly narrow choices or "oversteering" into a corporate-controlled Net environment not unlike network television. His aim is to alert us to the problems and help us steer a middle course to fully realize the benefits of worldwide networking and that Fe does indeed stand for iron on the periodic table of elements.
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