(z) (finding meaning in chaos where there is none) 110915
Doar z...you are alive and well....

I've missed you're rebuttals....

(z) (i am. i have been busy with life, work, storms and other tragedies. i have missed being here. thanks for the kind word.) 110916
Doar it's good to have you back z.

know that I missed your voice.

() (and i yours) 110922
hfse In recent weeks, due to the death of my grandmother I have been away from my home spending time with my parents arranging her cremation, funeral and being present to help with grief.

While I've been gone all the analogue clocks in my house stopped. Each at a different time.

Did the clocks react to a wormhole that formed in my home during and due to my absence?

What if each of those dates and times stands for an event that occurred right then?

The 52-yr old female neighbour who lives 4 houses to the right/up the avenue has been slipping me notes under the front door of my home. The content is such that it invites me over for a run or a walk. She creeps me out - why not just knock on my door?

She has spent a night in my home once in April while she was leaving her abusive alcoholic partner for the 13th time and spoke about sexual dissatisfaction with this man whom she has known for two years. (Ew! is the comment I reserve for this divulgence of privacy from a 52yr old female which I did not solicit)

She has since returned to live with him again. I have spent hours listening to her trouble about this unhappy relationship and have concluded that I can't help her. She is unable to form an answer to explain why she keeps going back. She does not wish to be helped. Some might think she is a textbook defined abuse-victim, but my mom thinks this is a scam and that she is some kind of Homolka attempting to lure me in. They will fuck me and burn me in the bath, then bury my charred corpse in their high-fenced yard.

A random tarot reading said that something bad is about to happen if I don't react to the sinister influence in my immediate environment.
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