blue star "Well, I just thought I should tell you, since everyone will find out anyway, and it's happening today, that he's getting married."

"....Oh!" I looked down for a moment, too shocked to say anything,"Well, that's great!"

"Yeah...are you ok?"

"Of course! It's just that it's the last thing I was expecting to hear..."

"Yeah, it's crazy huh?"

"Yeah, crazy..."
uow and_he_said_to_me 040809
latchkey "I love you, and I'll always love you. Years from now, no matter what you say or do, just know I'll always be here loving you."

I didn't realize always had an expiration date.
unhinged there's no expiration date to always; just sometimes we lock our love up and can't find the key. 040809
pete "your writings never make anysense"

and i took it to heart, i wonder if she would think that they made more sense now?

that was election day, we were both dead tired... both worked the polls... helping people vote...
unhinged 'i promised him i wouldn't break up with him for you'

and i was still basking in the glow of too much weed and alcohol and telling her that i loved her, was in love with her. 'i shouldn't be saying this to you..'

'no, go ahead. it's okay.' we all like to be told we are loved even if we have no intentions of returning that love.

she promised him she wouldn't break up with him for me...what the FUCK is that for christ's sake? eh, she probably just told him she would to make him stop being such an asshole, dangling me under his nose like a carrot to bust his balls back into shape. even though he lived so far away anyways; even though the only way we weren't together was in bed. she tortured me whether she meant to or not and i still dream about her. my bach_goddess ; i guess that's what happens when you elevate someone that high. no matter what they do, you won't let_go. at least i won't anyways.
pete "you seem to have a lot to say, in a good way"

and i thought about it... i guess i do..
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